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Funding small acts of kindness by the average people

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Average. Did I just call you “average people”? The audacity! Why yes I did. But let me explain while you grab a drink and get comfy.

We all grew up on stories of princes, princesses, and superheroes, that only the chosen one can do good and save the world. These chosen ones display extraordinary qualities of bravery, intelligence, or actual superpowers, and everyone else who're not chosen are just inconsequential.

But most of us are not the chosen one. Most of us will not win a Nobel prize, cure COVID-19, or have millions in the bank.

Most of us are just... average.

So what does this leaves us? Do we strive to become heroes before we can do some good or throw our hands up in despair?

Answer: No, we can do good wherever and whoever we are. But yes, put your hands up and wave them in the air. 🙌

Average Foundation supports the idea of one - one person, one time, one small act of kindness.

By funding your projects, I want to remove the financial pressures and help you get started in contributing and doing small acts of kindness for your community.

At this point of the page, you may be wondering who I am and if I'm secretly Black Panther. If you're not, click here to move down the page. For those of you who are still here, hi I'm Elisha!

Here's the person who responds to the name Elisha.

I'm passionate about bringing people together to solve big problems and I believe the way to have a meaningful life is to contribute and help others.

My career allows me to be effective at designing and executing programs for tech + social good. With these skills and savings, I want to empower more people to start doing good. You can read the longer version of my professional bio here.


How It Works

Here's how to have your projects funded by the Average Foundation


Selection Criteria

Small or one-off community projects in Singapore or San Francisco, especially on basic needs, education, and mental health. Selection criteria includes feasibility, usefulness, and purpose of the project.


  • 💆‍♂️ Mental health meetup for men
  • 🍱 Pantry/Soup Kitchen for low-income neighborhoods
  • 💻 Coding workshop for ex-convicts

Funding Coverage

Funding covers all logistics and fees required of the project but does not cover personal expenses incurred due to the project.


  • ✅ Food and venue for an event
  • ✅ Tickets and educator fees
  • ❌ Your transportation fees
  • ❌ Gifts and/or fees for volunteers
  • ❌ Any injuries or damage because of the project

Application Schedule

Your application is reviewed every 15th of the month in 2022, and I will reach out to you within 2 weeks after review if your project is selected.

You should research and have a basic plan before applying. Your application should include:

  • 💰 Total project budget, broken down by line items
  • 🤝 Proof that you have reached out to or secured partners, if applicable

Reimbursement Cadence

Projects costing less than USD50 will be reimbursed to the project owner upon project completion. Projects above USD50 receive some fees upfront.

Reimbursements are made within two weeks of submitting these document:

  • 🧾 Receipts
  • 📸 Photos of the project, including volunteers
  • 📄 Short writeup on how the project went and areas of improvement

Projects Funded

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  • What happens after my project is selected?
  • If your project is selected, please create a detailed project timeline and resources needed. You can count on me to help out with organizing, brainstorming, or logistics! We will also agree on the payment cadence and requirements.
  • What's the catch to receiving funds from the Average Foundation?
  • In exchange for funding from Average Foundation, you must be featured on AF's social media and tag AF on your social media posts. This is so that more people can be inspired by your story and know where to get a grant for their community projects.
  • How will the information and photos I provide be used?
  • I will use these materials for me to understand your project idea and to communicate with you. Project details and photos may be published at Average Foundation’s social media channels at my discretion.

    I want to share about your project to inspire more people to do the same, however, I’m against exploiting the disadvantaged for Klout. Unless proof of consent is provided, project beneficiaries will always have their identities anonymized before publishing to protect their privacy. You and your volunteers may choose to be anonymized too.
  • Is there an age limit for applicants?
  • Not quite. However, applicants below the age of 16 should apply with a guardian above the age of 21.
  • Is there a budget limit for projects?
  • Not quite, but generally small and one-off projects should cost less than USD3000.
  • Hi Elisha, why are you doing this?
  • Hello! Thanks for asking... even though we both know that I put this question here.

    Over the last 5 years, I have made significant contributions to my communities both professionally and personally. While I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, I’ve realized the limit on what I can do. More can be done if I empower others to give back to their communities. That’s why I started the Average Foundation.
  • Who’s funding the Average Foundation?
  • That's me!
  • Are you rich?
  • Nope, I just happen to have a stable career, no kids, and not-too-old parents.
  • You’re giving money away, are you stupid?
  • Well, I hope not.
  • I’m going to scam you!
  • Please don’t. 🥺 I know an emoji isn’t enough, so here’s a photo of a cat to remind you that you’re a good person.
  • Things didn’t go well for my project, I want to speak to your manager.
  • Hello, it's me. I’m my manager. You are responsible for your project and its outcomes, please don’t sue me.
  • The quality of questions is going downhill. Where can I ask better questions?
  • Email me at elisha.tan@gmail.com!